Brother, Oh I see you where you stand
Your head is hanging low
And you try to understand
Sister, no sweet was the caress
Now the party is over
And your life is in a mess
Oh, I need you won't you
Take me on again
Can't you see I'm asking,
Let me be your friend

So many times you say your will
Is your command
Now everything has turned out
Different that you planned
Oh, you're no fool, so keep your cool...

Too much of everything
Here nothing seems to last
Just give me anything,
We're in a meltdown blast
Pain is so close to pleasure we feel.
Still true love is all that you ever need

Now you're crying
In a lonely room you pray
You're dreaming of tomorrow
And sacrifice today
Waiting for a miracle to show
A whisper in the dark night
That says, you oughts to now
All you reach for will never satisfy
Thought I know the reason
It makes me wonder why

The grass is always greener
On the other side
Did you stop to wonder
Of the heartaches in your life?
Oh, you're no fool, so keep your cool...

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