I Feel Pretty(anger Managment) de Adam Sandler

Letra da musica I Feel Pretty(anger Managment) de Adam Sandler

I Feel Pretty(anger Managment)
I Feel Pretty(anger Managment)

Jack Nicholson: BumBumBUM(3X)

I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty,

I feel pretty and witty and gay,

And I pitty,
Any girl who isnt me today,

Jack Nicholson: Lalalalalalalala

I feel charming,
Oh so charming,
It's alarming how charming i feel,

Angery Driver #1: Move your ass dip shit!

And so pretty that I hardly beleive im real,
Jack Nicholson: lalalalalalala,

Angery Driver #2: Burn in hell!

See that pretty girl in that mirror there (what mirror where)
Who can taht attractive girl be (which one where hum)
What a pretty face(Hum)
What a pretty dress(Hum)
What a pretty smile(Hum)
What a pretty meeee(Hummm)

I feel stunning(feel stunning)
And entrancing(and entrancing)
Both:Feel like running and dancing for joy
for im loved by a pretty wonderful boy!

Note:Adam Sandler sang everything except for the words in ( ) that
Jack Nicholson sang.

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