Who Can You Trust de Allen & Lande

Letra da musica Who Can You Trust de Allen & Lande

Who Can You Trust
Who Can You Trust

Oh, yeah, woah, who can you trust? Trust!

Eyes on the back of your hair
Always awake and aware
Watching the movements around us
Building a fortress of stone
Protected from evil
Nobody will ever get close to us

Always watching
Be on your guard

Who can you trust
Who is your enemy
Are you ever going to see
Who is with our against you
How can you tell
Who's gonna let you down
Ever be safe and sound
Surrounded by strangers
Who can you trust?

Who can you trust? No one!
Oh yeah

Looking for shelter
One more night
Hide from the unknown
Don't feel safe, wherever you are
You cannot recognise a friend from foe
Oh no, oh no
Another awake, a night of fear

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

Who can you trust?

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]


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