Selling Rebellion de Ayria

Letra da musica Selling Rebellion de Ayria

Selling Rebellion
Selling Rebellion

Is this my life or is it just routine
With a dime, purchased my self esteem
All this aggression self-hatred makes for one angry machine

Now they're selling rebellion all up to me
They're selling rebellion because right now it's what I need

Could you sell me enough?

Security an emotional need
We're all the same made from the same machine
We could rise up to take a stand but they are waiting and one step ahead

Now they're selling rebellion all up to you
Selling rebellion because they see it in you

Take it and make it all my own
I paid good money to feel safe
I believe everything
I buy therefore I am
There's something that I'm looking for
The thing that promises me more
A mass production of what makes me who I am

Escape from this mundane life
They tell you you need something more
You need to be a better man now
Well they've got something for you
But they're going to need to whore you
Could you sacrifice your soul for this?
Well you're going to need to try

I think I found the piece of you
That doesn't come from a package
But they're waiting for it to fail
So they can sell you something new

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