Atlantis de Azealia Banks

Letra da musica Atlantis de Azealia Banks


Hi, hi, alright, hey, alright,
Why you’ve been running your mouth
All out, and wipe for it’s just island
Right to mention you, and I heard why a word
But I was in New York, New York, New York

I, I, I know you might like do you feel her world
But you just ride away in desire
Tryina say hello, some of you mean hello
It’s alright, let’s do, let’s do

You know I spit slick game, slick game, to the brothers
When I hip hop slang bang bang for the summer
I’m the sweet 16 they say you the summer
So they nick nick named, named me the mother
Of hip hop, pray, pray for your butter
You in tip top shake, shake nigga running
To the escape, straight, straight to the cover
Little wish pop, Jupiter queen
Your bitch make hits never do it for free
I can’t take that risk, never 2 out of 3
And took the 3 our the scene
The blue in the wave
And hit the bam bams niggas then it blue in the raise
Word to you and the man get the blow in the cheese
If you a big shot nigga I’am see you believe
Spit the truth from the leaf, I let sleep with the main
You little witch pop nigga hoping to be

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