I've Found Someone de Barry White

Letra da musica I've Found Someone de Barry White

I've Found Someone
I've Found Someone

It's not everyday
You can find something in your life
That is worth all the money in this world

And for the first time in my life
I find it hard for me to express myself
Or the way I feel
It's plain to see why I wanna scream
Makes me wanna holler
Makes me wanna shout
It makes me wanna sing lyrics of love
And joy and happiness

Never thot I'd find someone who'd blow my mind..yea
Like you do
And never thot I'd see the day
That it could be so true yea

Yes I found someone..yea
Someone that I can give my love to
And do all the things I've longed to do
Girl I've found out it's you, it's true
It's true..it's you

Never have I known the kinda love you've shown
In my life
An don't believe its something that I've ever felt
Yes I know why
It's all because I...
I've...I've found someone..yea yea yea
Someone that I can reach out and touch

Your smiling face...it means so much
Girl you'll be the one I need
When things go wrong
I'm gonna need your faith
To keep me strong

Ohhh I don't care, I don't care
I don't care what you do
Gonna take the rest of my life
Taka chance on you.

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