Slow It Down de Darien Brockington

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Slow It Down
Slow It Down

This some grown man
Shit right here

(big pooh):
I'm trying to man up see
What's really good with you
Gentleman's approach
Not bring it hood to you
Same things
That you hear everyday like
"hey ma, hey boo
Baby what's your name"
Please pull up a seat
I'm so glad you came
My mother call me thomas
You can do the same
Damn it's so refreshing
When you calling out my name
Been pooh for so long
It doesn't sound the same
My occupation rap
And i make a little change
I see you not impressed
With what this life brings
Finished school, got a job
Girl do your thing
It's a lot
Of independent women
Wanna be claimed
Marry into money
Or marry into fame
Or at least
Give birth to a check
With all due respect
Let's two-step
In the name of like
Who says
We gotta do
The waltz all day
And all night
It's like

If love is not enough
We don't have to rush
Come around
I'll slow it down
Just you
Lady you should be
Right here next to me
Come around
I'll slow it down
Just for you

(big pooh):
We can go to the movies
I'll take you to the park
And promise to have you
Home before the lights go out
Steady asking you questions
What your life about
Oh and me
Mine's everything
I scribe about
No doubt this my life
And dedicated
To this witting
Everything for it
Wasted time
I can't afford
So if it ain't you
Then you know
I'm cooped up
To the record

I'll scoop you
Up in me porshe, sike
You know i got a nissan
That i'm still paying for
Still got a lease on
But it don't matter
'cause that ain't my aim
To get you
I got fame, but you know
That just ain't the issue
Because you're looking
Like a woman of virtue
So well-rounded, no wonder
You're in my circle
And normally
You probably
Wouldn't give me
The time of day
'cause tay got rhymes
But no he ain't
Got time to waste


Sometimes i think
I'm from another world (preach)
When i'm trynna tell a woman
Just exactly
Where i stand that (aight)
I want a girl
When i want a girl
And when i don't want a girl
I want a girl
Who understands that
And that's
Some hard shit to explain
To a woman
That's in love with you
It's a pitiful thing
Until i had to figure
That i don't wanna play around
But i don't wanna settle down
And that's a man's dilemma
'cause every man remembers
How his daddy
And his uncles did it
'cause more than likely
That's the way
They're gonna do it
I know it sound fucked up
And most wont admit it
But yo, i gotta face it
'cause i know
I'm living through it
'cause when the party stops
And niggaz get old
And the chain and the cars
And the houses get sold, and that
Other side of the bed gets cold
You don't wanna be alone
So girl, i'm trynna hold you


Ohhh, baby
(take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow)
What you need to do is
Take it slow with me
Slow it down a little bit
(take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow)
We don't have to rush
Into anything serious
(take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow)
No we don't, take it from me
(take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow)
My name is percy
And i make miracles
If you take it slow
With me baby
(take it slow, take it slow
Take it slow, take it slow)

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