Celebrity de Davi Braga

Letra da musica Celebrity de Davi Braga


[Verse 1]
Everyone sometime thought to sing or act
To be a person who rarely passes for disrespect
Everyone whishes to be the next famous guy
Someone who'll spend a lot of money in one night
In the bank always have money in cash
They'd buy cars, just for one ride, before they smash
They just wanna be rich and famous
And so they think they'll be glamorous

They think the money will come easy
They will never be busy
They wanna appeared on the TV
To everyone see
Many people on their feet
Be in ten countries in a week
Give an interview
But sleep they never will
It's what they think they would do in the light spot's clarity
If they were a celebrity

[Verse 2]
Paparazzi running at them
Want to know: What? Why? When?
Cameras everywhere, but they don't even care
In an important award, their idol is there
Have a huge house, many dogs around
Magazines at the door, wanting to know a little bit more
They just can't believe
In what they could live

[Verse 3]
Pictures, commercials and interviews
A new world they never knew
Lights, camera and action
Everything they dress becomes fashion
Recording, dancing and show
Each moment feels it all will explode


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