[Eminem] Guess Whos Back!
[Bizarre] D Twizzy Forever!
[Eminem] Rest in Peace!
[Bizarre] Again
[Eminem] Lets Get it on!


Walk to Rite-Aid for a can of spaghetti
Its been one hour and bitch my photo's ain't ready
Pictures of my dog and my family reunion
It's been two hours and my fucking days ruined
Hey "Kate" do you wanna get raped?
Have my pictures on fucking Philips 38
That's why I don't be fucking battle rapping
'Cause every time I loose, this is what the fuck happens {*Gun shots*}
Back to these pictures I was trying to get developed
This man tried to get in front of me, I wouldn't let him
I'm ready to blow this bitches brains out
I'm nervous, I farted, some shit came out
Times up, shot her with a gun
Got on my cell phone and called Rev. Run
And all this crazy shit, I regret it
All because I wanted to see Elton John naked


Bang, bang, bang, nigga, pop, pop, pop
Everybody busting rounds like they "Ra',Ra',Ra'"
But when you see me in the street I be like "wassup now?"
They bodyguard be stepping in trying to calm shit down (Chill out man)
Fuck that I got a bone to pick
You said it then have settle like some grown man shit
Then me and you could talk about our problems couldn't we?
Shoot a fair one and handled this situation seriously
I guess not, you wanna' resort to the heater
So I gotta grab my mac and my uzi and my nina
Step in between us and get shot
?But get separated with the squeaza?
You ain't ready for war, Runyon ain't nothing to play with!

[Bizarre] x2

This motherfuckers is poppin'that, Fuck no, i'll be Right back...

[Eminem] I konw you hat that Laughing dont you?
[Bizarre] Fuck that!

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