Jdnt de Glass Animals

Letra da musica Jdnt de Glass Animals

I breathe air
And sigh tou can sleeps and cries

I’m all armored up
I've got my old helmet on
Keeping out an eye
Puffing all my feathers up

One more little blow
One more tap and I’ll collapse
Teetering on a toe
I feel that final poke

Please, it’s not okay
Oh can’t you feel your dirty face
Oh don’t it leave that filthy taste
When you squeeze that life untamed

I free fall real slow
I’m all drying out
Where my funny friends gone?
You’re in paradise
Who’s gonna plant the flowers huh?

Weak and worried I
Shut my wild eyes
And crumble to a pile
Of dust and fertilise

Play with me and pass the ball
Take my hand and let us fall

I breathe air and sigh
You can’t breathe without me

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