This Car Is Fast de Kajagoogoo

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This Car Is Fast
This Car Is Fast

Nobody knew the people who were needing to save time
So anxious to the little few unnecessary crime
Everyone saw your reasons for cruising for the ride
Breaking law was all he said why don't you step inside

This car this car is fast (x4)

So keep it in mind you generally find a life just rushing by
Exceptionally and obviously some people will even try
Sympathy is what I feel but who would even care
So life is slow and the pressure's on
Just let down the hair


Nobody has to know
The secret though
The world will want to know

As I understand this car is grand it's a leader in its field
Though simple it seems to drive easily and the guarantee is sealed
Don't wonder how to drive this car just a simple simple rule to know
You should drive at the maximum speed because we don't want to get bored

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