Each Generation de Lack Of Limits

Letra da musica Each Generation de Lack Of Limits

Each Generation
Each Generation

Wich one wants to tell me the reason for destroying our world
Destroying each other, destroying ourselves
What kind of lie is it this time sneaky in my ear
Slowly lingering in my heart, obscuring my mind

What wicked ways will you take once more
To seduce a nation, for your low intension to profit
Testing new arms, trading new arms, supressing human rights
Exploiting others property for your dream of power

But your argumentation sounds alright
So each generation has to fight - for you ... against you

Show me the responsible one
Who'd follow his own words into hell of war
Who'd sacrifice his own children for his cause to kill
Who'd fight against his own picture of evil

On grounds that war is unavoidable men will be numbers
Faceless - deprived of human rights, Nameless destinies - lost souls
Sufferers who never set going the war
Sufferers who never were the cause of war

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