Cry 4 You de Lasgo

Letra da musica Cry 4 You de Lasgo

Cry 4 You
Cry 4 You

It's cold outside
But not as cold as all your lies
No need to hide
The truth that's in your eyes

You broke my heart
I don't know why you're so cruel
Right from the start
You've played me like a fool

Just give it up cause I've had enough!

I'm not gonna cry for you
Or stand here in the rain
I'm not gonna waste my tears
Cause you're not worth the pain
I will make it on my own
So just leave me alone
Don't think I will take you back again

Somehow I knew
That you were holding something back
I felt so blue
And too afraid to act

You had me good
To use your friends as alibi
You thought I would
Just lay down and die

Guess you were wrong
Cause I'm moving on !

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