Games de Meaghan Smith

Letra da musica Games de Meaghan Smith

You are like
A game of cards to me
And you play
With a perfect poker
Face I see
But I'm playing
With all my cards
On the table
And all you can say
Is what's up
And how have you been

What's wrong with this
Can't you see
I've been playing
With my heart
On my sleeve
And diamonds
Are the furthest thing
From my mind
But I'll keep
My lucky clubs
Just in case
I can dig myself
Out with this spade
And we can stop playing

I keep
Thinking up strategies
If you say this
I'll say that
And then we'll see
What's left unsaid to lie
Down on the line
There's nothing
But space and time
Between the likes
Of you and me


It's not about
Keeping score
And it's not about
Winning anymore
It's not that
I'm trying to lay blame
It's about you and me
Quitting this game

I'm reminded constantly
Of who I played what I did
And how I should have been
And I know you're tough
And you'll never fold
But baby
That gets real old
And comes back
To you eventually


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