Hello Moon de Meaghan Smith

Letra da musica Hello Moon de Meaghan Smith

Hello Moon
Hello Moon

Hello moon up in the sky
It's been a while
Since you turned around
And looked down on me
And smiled

Did you get scared
Of the sun and the day
The only one
Who could chase you away
Or were you swinging
With the stars in sky
Or did you
Just get too busy
Bringing in the tides
The tides

Don't forget
About me please
Even if I'm asleep
Don't leave
Without me knowing
That I'm dreaming

From where you are
Do I look small
And can you see us all
And if that's the case
It's been a while
Since I've been back
Do you think
You could check
And make sure he's ok

Don't forget
About him please
Even if he's asleep
Don't leave
Without him knowing
That he's dreaming

I look for you every night
Your pearly gaze
And your silver light
They say
You'll turn on me in the end
But I consider you
To be my very close friend

I won't forget about you no
Even if you're asleep
I won't leave
Without you knowing
That you're dreaming

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