Love Me Too de Mela

Letra da musica Love Me Too de Mela

Love Me Too
Love Me Too

Everyday, boy,
You're taking control of me
This kind of love baby i won't give away
And i don't want just
To live out your fantasy
Touch me now, hold on me

I wanna tell you i am feeling that way too
That lovely way now is deep in my heart
If i don't have you,
My love, anything i lose
You're my dream, you're my truth

Don't let me go my boy
I'm so lonely tonight
I can't stay without you
Don't let me go my boy
Please don't make me cry
Love me too!!!

Your loving makes
Me stronger little babe
You are my inspiration i feel alright
It's like a bolt of thunder, drives me crazy
I'm heading for the countdown
My boy tonight

I wanna tell you, you mean all the world to me
I want to put all the hurt behind you
I'm certain that our love, boy,
Was meant to be
It's my dream, it's my truth

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