Mistake de Nickelback

Letra da musica Mistake de Nickelback


As I sift and drift through bullshit,
That plagues from day to day,
Would you ever really notice I've gone away?

I'm over the wall,
Over the hill,
Over at your place,
I'm over the safetys,
Over the phone calls,
Over the rage,
What a mistake.

When you've lost the stones to throw,
The ones I found to make a fire,
And all the lonely souls that say so get fired.


What a mistake,
What a mistake,
What a mistake,
What a mistake,

I've never been lost,
I've never been found,
And it make no difference, if I'm around,
There's never been words, there's never been actions
Never made promises that i've never kept.


Interlude by both Chad

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