Iii de Nucleus Torn

Letra da musica Iii de Nucleus Torn

"wilderness insane
I encounter
it's rotten soul reaches
beyond my heart's beating
and calls me

and roots of dead trees
a shadow
without me and through me
within me
my enemy

and the mass of grey tells me nothing
nothing is worth
enduring so much loss
alone here
breath failing
when I shriek into nothing
it echoes
as I become nothing"

the wind had swallowed his cries
carried them over a plain
smashed and shattered
far and wide
a glance whence he had come
the tower
the walls
the smoke
but a shadow behind

turning ahead again
he lost his eyes in the distance
there he would be embraced
by leaf and twig
of her growing trees
"beneath a hidden star
my sunclad pale hope"

"down there, her realm lies
all thorn, all shut, all dead
I descend to a black brook
disappearing in the endless desert waste land"

he turned away from empty eyes
his share of her grief
sun clad in crimson
and lay down

from it's home broken
his soul fled
by the brook
trough desert
water and earth

and the sky opened
and shadows and mist
and his breathing lost
two seraphim stood
statues, like stone
with wings unfold
embracing none

"and the sun sickens
her singing echoes
through broken gates
Eden deserted
God is no longer here"

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