Good Morning Mr. Sparrow!
I'd say it's a beautiful day!
Ready to go hang up flyers on Avenue A?
What's that tiny sparrow?
Oh you're all tuckered out from your day job
Well you know what I do when I'm feeling down...
I shove my ass into a bustle and I march into the biggest office
of the biggest record company, and I say...

I'm in love with the music biz, it gives me such a thrill
Shopping my tape, the look on your face as I let out a trill
I'm in love with the music biz, hey sparrow don't you agree
We'll find the dirtiest van we can, a rolling home for you and me!

I'm enchante with the A & R department
They say I'll go far but don't play guitar
Good heavens, yessir right a way!
Light and gay is the way I feel when I'm beggin' a deal
They always say no,but cause I'm so po'
I always enjoy my meal!

The check's just in time it's from BMI
For $5.39 let's get in the line for welfare
There, there
Lawyers, publicists, radio promoters
With tight fitting jeans and cars that use motors
Round the maypole

We tiptoed into the studio a smidgen past noon
Mr. Sparrow, a pidgeon, and Suits the baboon
An animal orchestra if you please
Suits! You're getting pawprints on all the CD's
I'm in love with the music biz
Operator! David Geffen, ring me through
Princess Superstar's holding the line

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