Nyc Cunt de Princess Superstar

Letra da musica Nyc Cunt de Princess Superstar

CUNT, New York City New York City CUNT!
Yo I'll put it blunt if that's what you want
Yo I am a Cunt and that's what you want
You take affront, just shake your butt just shake your butt
New York City? What!
I'm busy, getting busy on the mic, Cause I do, do whatcha like
Jump high, yeah hit that height, Now bounce that ass, just bounce aight?
Ya'all show me love when I step in your club
I'm nasty, I don't care, you bug
Hey check me, fresh candy on the shelf, When I think about me, I touch myself


It's hot in the city, I'm from New York City
Not Atlantic City no New Jack City
Hey yo Kansas City, I love New York City
Wha? Twin City is my titties
I'm money, put your mouth where the bitch is
Ya'all finished check my sink, wash dishes, Vicious, I'm the CEO see-
You wanna get with me, work for me


Gotcha on lock walk on the block ya'all wanna talk cuz you're ugly I'm not
I got a man (What's your man got to do with me?) --Exactly!

Coutures fight to dress me, SAT scores ain't high to test me
Dow Jones on my ass try and assess me, Steal your shit then do the cop that arrests me
Rentin the Bentley just to rock Wendy's, Frosty on my Fendi crash into your Hyundai
Blob of the Bengay put it in your panty so while I fuck you man your thing's burnin with the Bandaid
Ya'all don't wanna mess with me, honestly, they call me

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