Pas Pleurer (No More Crying) de Saragossa Band

Letra da musica Pas Pleurer (No More Crying) de Saragossa Band

Pas Pleurer (No More Crying)
Pas Pleurer (No More Crying)

My love -
The morn' is dawning
And we have to say farewell.
I have to cross the ocean -
Love you more than spoken words tell.
Pas Pleurer - Pas Pleurer

Won't see you crying.
I'm gonna lay my heart into your hands.
Pas Pleurer - Pas Pleurer

Please no more crying.
I wanna stay with you until the end.
My mind stays here forever
And at night I'll be with you.
The stars keep us together

Ev'ryday our love is brandnew.
Pas Pleurer - Pas Pleurer
. . .
Farewell - Farewell

The wind will dry my tears.
I'll wait for you - I'll wait a hundred years
The four winds will be cruising
And they'll send me home to you.
I'll have to cross the waters
Back to you 'cause your love is true.
Pas Pleurer - Pas Pleurer

won't see you crying.

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