You never doubted it
You're so proud of it
You straight shouted it
You sold out of it

You couldn't care less
You're like a kid yes
You think its endless
Endless endless

You think you started this
It doesn't bother us
No clue about it
No you never knew about it

You need the spotlight
You need to sit tight
You wanna real fight ah ah

Set set that crown on the ground
Ah ah ah

You need to look back
To see your back track
Do you hear that
Someone in your habitat
You are the real thing
You hear the bell ring

The class is ending ending ending

You don't think though
You don't wanna know
There's another show playing in your window
But for the better you
It's never never through
You're gonna have to have to have to

You set that crown on the ground
Ah ah ah

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