We Are Dead And Reborn de Sons Of An Illustrious Father

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We Are Dead And Reborn
We Are Dead And Reborn

If you come undone
You can fall into a world on the run
Or you can go ahead and fly
You can take the escape route less traveled by
I don't know who are you
So don't forget to tell me if you get that far
Or I could go ahead and guess
I'd say this mess we're in it ain't such a mess, no
(Oh, no)

We are...
One mind
So we pray together

Keep our children safe and warm
And away from harm
And may we always listen to what they have to say
They'll tell their Moms and their Dads
It ain't gonna be so bad
You got time to learn along the way
And don''t fear, they won't lead you astray

Who we are we como from
A city veiled in sacred light
To find a secret family
And fall in love at firts sight
Donnin all we have inside
We speak without a sound
We'll recognize each other
As we're traveling from town to town

Like looking in a mirror
At some fogotten brother
But he's grown a little younger
And he shines a litlle brighter
And we'll play on empty freeways
And sleep in broken cars
And the path will come full circle
Ans we'll know then who we are
(Who we are)

We are...
One soul
So we sing as one

Hey nah-nee-nah
Hey nah-nah
Ah-ah ooo
It's just a simple song
That you can pass along
And put a smile on the face of someone new
And some day it'll make its way back to you

We are...
One body
So we fight side by side

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