Another Day de Steven Delopoulos

Letra da musica Another Day de Steven Delopoulos

Another Day
Another Day

The night was all that I'd once known
When I was small and all alone
Where dreams and visions never played
Towns put on their cheap parade
With cheap trombones and plastic horns
And choirs faking opera songs
I nursed my coffee 'til the dawn
And waited for another day

The lady on the second floor
She squints her eyes at bills galore
Opens up a cabinet door
Sippin' on bourbon through the day
She looks upon her mirror glass
Thinks how years have seen her past
She does her cross and dyes her grays
Fears upon another day

Another day, another day
Where dreams, they're not so far away
Seeds, they grow to lend a branch
Harmonies and second chance


Organized communities
Well, we call ourselves societies
But social is the last we seize when dignity has flown away
But I'm the worst than most of you
I write these words to fill some shoes
Pay some tolls, cheat some dues
Watch my words from far away

Repeat chorus twice

Here's two colors, mixed and swirled
With wood and blood together twirled
Goodbye my friends, today I'm dead
To resurrect and change the world

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