Jungle Trail de Steven Delopoulos

Letra da musica Jungle Trail de Steven Delopoulos

Jungle Trail
Jungle Trail

Was tossed along that jungle trail
There was nothing there, just thorns and nails
Had no skin, no fur to wear
But I straggled through the storm
In a search to find my home

Now I climbed the mountain and I pleaded with the sky
There was no one around, just some dark clouds in reply
But I offered some berries and a tear in my eye
'Cause I was on my own
So far away from home…home

There's a fire burning inside me
Makes the lame walk and the blind to see
Here I am wandering on what I should be
The old earth, the moon, the sun
Some wings to rise the dawn

Now time's tickin' like a melancholy friend
Ticks the beginning, and the middle and the end
But if I close my eyes and just pretend
There's shelter in this song
Like a river flowin' home…home

Repeat chorus

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