Take My Hand de Stevie B

Letra da musica Take My Hand de Stevie B

Take My Hand
Take My Hand

When you feel like it's going down
And the pain of love
Has you down
When you're all alone,
No one else around
Go on and cry
There comes a time girl in your live
You've got to make a change
Do what's right
You learn to love someone
With all your might
You've gotta believe it's me
Just wait and i'll show you what
I feel for you
Just trust in me and
You will see how much
I love you, you, you baby

You take my hand and i'll love you
'til the end of forever girl
And i'll always, always be
Loving you,
Oh my darling
Take my hand, right now girl
And i'll show you
I can be a better man
And i'll always, always be
In love with you, oh my darling

When your sunny days have
Turned to rain
When you feel true love will
Never come again
Baby ease your mind,
You are not to blame
You've gotta believe in you oh
If you decide girl to walk on by
I'll understand the reasons why
At times girl we don't see eye to eye
Don't you ever go away
'cause i always will love you
And i'll always be missing you


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