Remembered Forever de Tiger Army

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Remembered Forever
Remembered Forever

Sometimes I think back to those nights so long ago
A time of youth and innocence
Always searched for something, what I didn't know
Til I found you
Yeah, I'll never forget that feeling
The rush was insane
And sometimes when the sun is setting
My memories take me so far away

Sometimes I wish that things just could've stayed the same
You know that time can break your heart just to see the
way things change
Waves of emotion brought on by a song
But now you're gone, and time marches on

And I will never forget, never forget you
Never forget, never forget you
Those crazy times you helped me through
And I will never forget, never forget you

Sometimes something reminds me
And takes me so far back....
A part of me will always stay there
In the shadows of the past
Where would I have ended up without you?
So far gone
You changed the world of a young man
A reason to hold on

I remember you close to me and you whispered in the dark,
"The time will come for you to go you must forget me not"
What it meant is known by precious few
But rest assured O will remember until my life is through

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