For Your Own Good de Turisas

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For Your Own Good
For Your Own Good

This is all for your own good
You will come to see
I don't expect you to thank me now
But I do all this for you
Tearing down the walls surrounding you
Tearing down your world

Reach out and take my helping hand
You see you have to understand
It's my duty, it's what I owe you after all

And I will force you to be free
Turn on the lights so you can see
Your perception, just reflections on the wall

So the world arrives, the end of history
A war to end all wars, ends justify the means
The liberators march in chains they forged upon themselves
Anoter stone in the road to hell

Laws to tell her what to wear or not
Laws to set her free
(The cage is open, why don't you flee?)
You're misguided, but I blame you not
How could you have seen

Blind and confined
Half-beast, half-child
Your saviour has arrived!

Freed from freedom
She gave herself to me
Dark desires
Take me, set me free!

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